My name is Karemi Dye-Wilson and I am a jack of a great many trades. Once upon a time, I met a person who shall remain nameless who quite simply was too afraid to try much of anything new and she is drifting through life content with similarity. From that day forward, I was determined to NEVER be her. I wanted to try a little of everything and learn always. Currently, I am a nurse and I work within the maternity, pre,peri and post pardum areas but I have experiences in a great many fields of nursing from office work to surgery it was fascinating and I was always learning. I also have an Associate in Religious Studies and have had the pleasure of studying the bible in depth.


In 2010, I took a new role of learning that has been ongoing and certainly challenging-wife to my greatest love Zachary. Zachary started out as a pilot, but he’s also been a landscaper, web designer, pastor and soon to be police officer (so proud of him!). Obviously, between the hats we have together, we were meant to be (and have a large closet!). Together we are learning to love God better, each other and our neighbours. We have a passion for making marriages better and love to mentor couples coming into or having just entered marriage


Still learning, I’ve studied as much as possible from dance to photography and art. I love to travel and see the world (and taste it!). I have a keen interest in diet, nutrition and exercise and a plethora of research to back it up. I’ve chosen the vegan path when it comes to healthy eating but beyond vegan, I have chosen a whole foods approach which I bring to my cooking and baking. I love taking fav recipes and making them better!


In 2010, my husband and I started on a new path of learning when our eldest son, Hudson was born. Like every good parent out there, we wanted the very best for him, his brother Asher and sister (coming Feb 2018!). While we were outdoorsy prior to having kids, we began seeing the benefits of having our sweet children in the great outdoors as they began to develop a sense of ownership for the environment and value in our wilderness. We work hard together, we play hard together. Our life is full of fun, excitement and of course great food!!

So welcome, everyone. I’ve put up this page to share the wonderful things we have learned or are learning! It began just as a way to share these crazy plant recipes and store them but it has grown! I hope you find good food, good advise and be inspired to NEVER settle for the day to day but get out and try new things!



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