3rd Trimester Dumbbell Whole Body Workout

Truth be told I seem like like an energy powerhouse but I am struggling in these final few weeks with energy. I always know that I can count on a good workout to really up my energy and my mood! Here is this weeks workout that I did 3-4 days of the week. I am doing 3-4 days of lifting, 2 days of good cardio (walking/running depending on how I feel) and a good day of rest. I always wear a heart rate monitor but being that I am quite athletic pre-pregnancy, I don’t constantly monitor but more keep an eye. You’ll also notice that I don’t have much in the way of ab work. I worked my abs hard in the first few months but improperly resulting in some “tenting”…I have a little bit of a DI that will likely repair itself post-partum but I don’t want to push my issue. Please read my cautions about exercise during pregnancy, drink water and follow your doctors advise. I completed this work out using a “heavier set” of dumbbells at 15lbs for biceps and rows as well as a “lighter set” for the shoulder work at 8lbs. These are very light weights for me pre-pregnancy but being that I am in my final couple of weeks, I’m shooting for maintenance not growth. Here is the workout and below are the descriptions of the exercises.

Squat with lateral raise- squat back as if you were going to sit down on a chair, being cautious that your knees do not go past your toes and you keep the weight on your heels. When you come back to standing, raise your arms out to the side like a bird but only to shoulder height and down. Thats one.

Deadlift with Bent Neutral Grip Row- with heavier weights, legs should be about should width apart, bend forward with a straight back and weights hanging in front until just past your knees. Turn the weights to easily glide next to your body as you bend your elbow and pull up till your elbows are torso height. Return weights to deadlift position and pull the torso up quickly. You should feel most the movement in your glutes and a little in your lower back.

Sumo Squat with Military Press- Stand with feet wider then hip width apart and toes turned outward.Hold dumbbells up so that your elbows are parallel to shoulders and at 90 degrees, keep shoulder blades as together as possible. Bend knees till they are over the toes, keeping the back straight as possible. Return to standing and lift weights over head to full extension. Thats one.

Side Bends- Hold a heavier dumbbell in the hand of the side you will bend towards. Stand with feet hip distance apart and slowly bend toward your weight. Use obliques and “saddle bags” 😛 To pull yourself back to an upright position.

Kneeling Sissy Squat with Bicep curl- Kneel on a mat with your heavier weights at your side and slightly leaned back. Your upper and lower legs should be parallel, knees slightly facing out to accommodate that belly. Using your quad muscles pull yourself up so you are on your knees. keeping elbows locked into your side and slightly in front of your body, pull the weights up towards your shoulders and return.

Cardio- I often do a mix of 2 minutes of cardio because I workout at home and I get board. So I might do 30 seconds of fast walking then 30 seconds of a static squat with a punch then 30 seconds of fast feet and so on and so forth. Keep an eye on the heart rate especially going into round 3 of this routine, mine elevated quite quickly.

There you have my latest workout. I hope it inspires you to move or refreshes your routine.

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