A Quick Word About Safety with Pregnancy and Exercise


Just a quick little note before I start posting some of my workouts which I am super excited to do as I seriously have a whole book of them. No workout is worth sacrificing your body or your baby over. Talk to your doctor or midwife before you start undertaking any sort of physical exercise especially if you have not done much before you were pregnant. I am all for giving our children the best start to life possible in whatever little ways I can and the gift of exercise in pregnancy is not an overly difficult task. Having said that, even if your doctor says go for it but something just isn’t feeling right, don’t do it. Find something else or use lower weights or stop all together if you need to. This isn’t a competition with anyone else. Do what is right for your body and your baby. Stay hydrated, enjoy the workout, don’t stress about perfection. Pregnancy is both beautiful and messy at the same time.

Much love.


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